AMD Catalyst Repository for Arch Linux

You are currently browsing AMD Catalyst's unofficial repositories for Arch Linux. For more information and setup guide, please have a look at ArchWiki.

All packages are provided by Vi0L0 and should always work with the stock kernel from [core].

For latest news check The AMD/ATI Bar & Grill topic at Arch Linux Forums.


      Name                                                                                                 Last modified      Size  
amdapp-aparapi-20121202-1.src.tar.gz 04-Aug-2013 22:26 888 amdapp-aparapi-20130123-1.src.tar.gz 04-Aug-2013 22:26 1.0K amdapp-codexl-1.0-1.src.tar.gz 04-Aug-2013 22:26 4.6K amdapp-codexl-1.0-2.src.tar.gz 04-Aug-2013 22:26 4.4K amdapp-codexl-1.1-1537.src.tar.gz 04-Aug-2013 22:26 4.4K amdapp-codexl-1.2-2484.src.tar.gz 04-Aug-2013 22:26 4.4K amdapp-codexl-1.3-3487.src.tar.gz 13-Nov-2013 00:13 4.4K amdapp-codexl-1.4-5728.src.tar.gz 04-May-2015 22:47 4.4K amdapp-codexl-1.5-5364.src.tar.gz 04-May-2015 22:47 4.5K amdapp-codexl-1.6-7247.src.tar.gz 04-May-2015 22:47 4.6K amdapp-sdk-2.8-1.src.tar.gz 04-Aug-2013 22:26 2.7K amdapp-sdk- 04-Aug-2013 22:26 3.2K amdapp-sdk-2.9-1.src.tar.gz 13-Nov-2013 00:13 2.8K amdapp-sdk-2.9.1-1.src.tar.gz 04-May-2015 22:47 3.2K amdapp-sdk-3.0-1.src.tar.gz 04-May-2015 22:47 3.5K opencl-headers-4:2.0.r31032-1.src.tar.gz 04-May-2015 22:47 945